Prominent Projects

April 2020 Development Activity Report March 2020 (with maps) February 2020 (with maps) January 2020 (with maps) December 2019 (with maps) November 2019 (with maps) October 2019 (with Maps)

Economic Development

NSB Fiscal Impact Analysis Presentation – GIA Community Consultants 2019 NSB Economic Overview Sustainability in Business Plan – Green Volusia


Road Impact Fee Study 2019 44 Business Outreach Meeting Presentation 8-22-2019 NSB Airport Runway 725 Alternatives FDOT Flyer for Public Meeting on Myrtle Ave. (SR44), August 6, 2019 Transportation Workshop Presentation 5-28-19 Transportation Map – Trails Transportation Map – Sidewalks Transportation Map – Roadway Improvements


February 18 Public Presentation on Flagler Avenue Parking Survey results_Flagler Avenue Flagler Avenue Parking Strategies


Ordinance 09-19 concerning removal of Historic and Specimen Trees Ordinance 17-19 limiting single-use plastics Ordinance 19-19 Building Density Calculation Density Calculation Study Density Calculation Map


 Florida Statute Title XI, Chapter 163 Addressing Home Rule


Chief Coffin Presentation on the use of Drones in NSB, January 27, 2020

2019-2020 City Budget

August 20th Budget Presentation July 23, 2019 City Commission Budget Workshop Presentation June 25, 2019 City Budget Presentation May 21, 2019  Five-year budget forecast presentation