NSB Residents’ Coalition is a non-profit, nonpartisan community-focused volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the qualities that make our city unique by providing the information necessary for our city’s citizens to take a meaningful role in shaping the future of New Smyrna Beach.


of Special interest

  • Maintaining the integrity of our shore line
  • Supporting development that does not exceed tree canopy height and whose design is consistent with the size and scale of our small city
  • Encouraging the preservation of historic buildings
  • Preserving quality views of our waterways and ocean beach
  • Creating an environment hospitable to the arts and education
  • Patronizing and sustaining our small businesses

Who we are

The New Smyrna Beach Residents’ Coalition is an independent, nonpartisan volunteer organization of residents dedicated to educating and informing residents on issues pertaining to growth and development. 

The Coalition was created by a group of residents in 2015 concerned about development projects that, in their view, were inconsistent with the small-town character of New Smyrna Beach. During that year, a petition drive confirmed that these concerns were shared by a large percentage of residents.  In May 2016 and in response to the petition, the City Commission enacted an ordinance that reduced density limits by one-third in both the beachside and the city’s historic districts.

Challenges to maintaining our small city charm continue. It is incumbent upon the citizens of New Smyrna Beach to support their elected officials as they are called upon to make difficult decisions that preserve both individual property rights and our collective quality of life.