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Whether you are a full or part-time resident or indeed a frequent visitor who values our city, you can help us succeed in our mission. The Coalition has three levels of membership: Subscribing Member, Friend of the Coalition, and Leadership Group.

Subscribing Member

Receive email communications to be updated on city issues pertaining to our mission. When you are motivated to contact a city official, our website will provide the information you seek.


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Friend of the Coalition

Volunteer your time and talents for special projects to help The Coalition prosper. Provide time as you are able. Friends may volunteer to attend and report on a civic meeting, participate in maintaining a booth at a city festival, or share a special talent useful to the Coalition’s mission. ​

Leadership Group

The twenty members of this group are expected to do the heavy lifting for the Coalition.  Dues for each member is currently $50.00/year and the group meets quarterly.  To learn more about our levels of membership, please read Article III of the current Bylaws  HERE.