2020 Proposed City Charter

On November 3, 2020, you will have an opportunity to directly participate in the governance of New Smyrna Beach by your decision to accept or reject a revised City Charter. To help you understand the content of this important document, the New Smyrna Beach Residents’ Coalition (NSBRC), with input from Coalition members who had the privilege of serving on the Charter Review Committee, offers the summaries below.

Although the current Charter was amended over time, the entire Charter has not been reviewed in multiple decades. Moreover, the current Charter was significantly changed in the waning years of the 20th century by a vote of the City Commission without a vote of the electors. The revised Charter is divided into Articles, as recommended by the National Civic League, whereas the current Charter is divided into Chapters. We have supplied links to both the current and proposed Charters. The NSBRC summaries provide a quick look at the intent of each Article; will note the proposed Charter language by section; and will highlight language deleted and added. We welcome your questions and will pursue an answer for you if we do not know. Email: NSBresidentsCoalition@ournsb.org