Citizen Response to Density Calculation Study

History: the City of New Smyrna Beach requested an assessment of the city’s methodology for calculating residential density as well as a request for recommended changes to that methodology, if needed, of Brian Fields, the city’s director of Development Services and Coastal Environmental Resiliency. The Study results will be presented for discussion at a special meeting of the City Commission on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at City Hall at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The report and map have been posted to the Coalition Website at: Special Meeting Documents

The New Smyrna Beach Executive Committee of the NSBRC, LLC supports the effort but asks that the report be used as a platform for further examination of density issues by both the City Commissioners and the public. In recognition of the complexity of this issue and its impact on future growth in our city it is recommended that a series of City Commission workshops be scheduled.

The workshops would review not only those issues raised in the study but also the many additional density contingencies that will direct the city’s future that were not included. Further, we ask that public participation be encouraged at these workshops through the use of written recommendations from the citizens of New Smyrna Beach.

The Executive Committee of the New Smyrna Beach Residents’ Coalition would appreciate your checking one of two opinion boxes below. Check “Yes” if you agree with the position as stated above or “No” if you do not. Space is provided if you would like to share your own words with our City Commissioners. Your response and your remarks will be shared with the Commissioners prior to the Workshop session scheduled for 4PM Tuesday, February 19.