NSB Residents’ Coalition Presents Home Histories to New Smyrna Museum

On March 14, 2022, the NSB Residents’ Coalition gifted print & digital histories of the 19 historic buildings from their Charming Home Tours of 2019, 2019, and 2021 to the New Smyrna Museum’s archives. The presentation was made by Charming Home Tour Co-chairs, Lorraine Sharp and Angeline Barretta Herman to Greg Holbrook, Executive Director of the museum. 

Coalition volunteers gather details about tour properties from the owners and state, county, and city sources to uncover the rich history for each property on the tour. The tours have featured significant historical properties like the first hospital in NSB, a ferryman’s home from the early 20th century, Smyrna Yacht Club, and a Spanish style home with a wrap-around mural in the living room depicting the history of NSB up to the 1930s.  

The histories written by the Coalition were prepared for their tours to inform and educate tour participants as part of the Coalition’s mission to promote historic preservation.