NSB City Commission to host two public meetings on Turnbull Creek preservation on June 10

‘Commissioners will meet with citizen committee, then review first round of appraisals ahead of purchase vote on June 25.’ Last November, over 75 percent of voters in New Smyrna Beach approved the Turnbull Creek Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat, and Natural Areas Protection Bonds municipal referendum. This granted the City Commission authority to issue up to $15 million in general obligation bonds to purchase land along Turnbull Creek to shield it from future development and set it aside for environmental preservation. Now, the City Commission will host a joint public meeting with the Turnbull Creek Land Preservation Committee at City Hall (210 Sams Avenue) on Monday, June 10 at 3:00 PM. Agenda items will include a discussion of the Committee’s roles and responsibilities and staff presentations on conservation easements, parcel review, and a questionnaire submitted by Committee member Warren “Chip” Weston. The Committee is a five-member group of citizens appointed by the Commission in January to review information related to land preservation along Turnbull Creek. Since then, both the Committee and Commission have heard briefings on the referendum’s working history, the results of a Stetson University “Bio-Blitz study of Turnbull Creek’s environmental qualities, and responses to another questionnaire submitted to City staff by Committee Chair Katie Tripp. A separate, second special meeting at 5:00 PM will feature City Commission discussion of the first round of recently completed independent property appraisals and potential courses of action by the Commission to prepare for a final vote on whether to proceed with a first purchase of Turnbull Creek property at their regular meeting on Tuesday,
June 25 at 6:30 PM. As always, there will be opportunities for public participation at each meeting.

Please visit www.cityofnsb.com or contact Public Information Officer Phillip Veski at (386) 410-2614 for more information. Please visit Agenda Packet to view the joint meeting agenda packet.