What's Happening

Currently New Smyrna Beach is undergoing an unprecedented building boom. Although growth and change are inevitable, the majority of citizens in our city want to protect the character of New Smyrna Beach.

To enable citizens to be proactive the NSB Residents’ Coalition believes that its residents must be informed not only as to what is happening in the city in respect to growth but also as to the details of a new project at the earliest stage of its presentation to the city.

Citizens, by making their views known to elected officials, can play a critical role in shaping the city’s future. The Coalition makes every effort to have the information it shares correctly stated. If anyone has a substantiated correction, please email us here to bring this to our attention. The correction will be prominently posted on our website.

Meeting Summaries and Current Projects will give you detailed information on proposed and recent projects and will let you know about past and upcoming meetings.